About Us

Founded in 2002, iVet Professional Formulas was created by a partnership of prominent independent veterinarians and a premium specialty pet food manufacturer. While veterinarians are often seen as the nutrition expert for your pet, they have not had the tools to ensure this advice is followed. Typically, veterinarians are required by other food manufacturers to sell at inflated prices or substandard formulas which creates a disconnect between the pet owner and professional. iVet has changed that. iVet’s founding principles are 1) Veterinary Exclusive Quality 2) High Quality, Holistic Ingredients and 3) Fair Pricing. Our company owned manufacturing allows us to control our products from start to finish. Our manufacturing campus, located in America’s Heartland, includes numerous plants, which all maintain a “Superior” certification by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and contains an extensive laboratory to ensure consistent quality in manufacturing.

iVet Professional Formulas consists of our two wellness lines, Healthy Gourmet and VetBasics, which maintain health throughout the lives of cats and dogs. In 2011, iVet launched a therapeutic line of pet food called SPECIFIC. SPECIFIC has existed for numerous years in Europe and through our partnership with Dechra Pharmaceuticals, iVet is using the many years of research and history to manufacture and sell these formulas here in the United States.

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